Threaded Handle, Fibreglass, 60" 2409 Durable hygienic handle with nylon standard threaded tip guaranteed not to absorb moisture and bacteria. CALL FOR QUOTE
Wood, Tapered Broom Handle, 60" 0260 Hardwood, standard tapered handle fits numerous products CALL FOR QUOTE
Vehicle Wash Brush, 9" 0021 Versatile flagged brush designed for scratchless cleaning. CALL FOR QUOTE
Round Toilet Bowl Polypropylene fill brush 6310 Acid resistant bowl swab. CALL FOR QUOTE
Poly-pro, Medium Stiff Fibre Counter/Banister Brush 0157 These brushes can be used for all your dusting needs CALL FOR QUOTE
Duralon Toilet Bowl Mop with Cone 0127 Duralon toilet bowl mop with cone CALL FOR QUOTE
Duralon Toilet Bowl Mop without cone 0128 Duralon toilet bowl mop without cone CALL FOR QUOTE

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