• Cold and Flu Season
    Cold and Flu Season:
    Each year, the seasonal flu and the common cold
    are the most common reason children miss school
    and adults miss work.
    Cold and Flu
  • Clorox 360
    Clorox 360:
    An electrostatic sprayer paired with Clorox® trusted solutions.
    It provides superior coverage through proven
    electrostatic technology and delivers Clorox® disinfectants
    and sanitizers onto hard-to-reach surfaces.
    Clorox 360></a>
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WELCOME TO SWISH | Swish Group of Companies is a leading distributor of sanitation supplies and equipment recognized for the Value, Quality and Service we bring to our customers. We are honoured to be trusted experts in complete cleaning solutions in the many industry we serve and are on a mission to help you solve your most challenging cleaning tasks. We are a family owned Canadian company, presently manufacturing and distributing proven innovative cleaning products from 15 locations across Canada and the Northeastern United States.


Keep Winter Outside! Mats are the first defense to stop dirt and moisture from entering your building. They decrease the amount of snow, sand, and salt from entering the facility, saving thousands of dollars a year in cleaning costs. Mats also protect interior floor surfaces from excessive damage and wear. Entrance mats are the most effective way of stopping dirt and moisture at the door and keeping building maintenance costs to a minimum. Read more!
Cold and Flu season is here! Each year, the seasonal flu and the common cold are the most common reason children miss school and adults miss work. Effective Cleaning and Disinfecting of "high touch" or frequently touched surfaces significantly decreases the number of germs and viruses and reduces the risk of transmission and infection. Read more!
Winter will be here soon! Be prepared and order your ice melter supply and lock in a great price! Swish White River carries a variety of ice melters to fit your specific needs, whether you are looking for more enviromentally responsible, less harsh on concrete, floors and carpeting or you just want the ice and snow gone! Read more!
When not cleaned regularly, even the best mat will stop doing its job! To keep your matting working at its peak performance, add vacuuming and extraction to your entrance matting maintenance program. Swish carries everything you need for complete matting maintenance including tools, chemicals, and equipment! Follow the link to contact a Swish professional or visit your local Clean it Center for more information!
Are you looking for an effective green cleaner for your home? Look no further! Clean and Green TM Universal Cleaner is a highly effective multipurpose cleaner with the cleaning power of hydrogen peroxide and biodegradable surfactants. By using Clean and Green TM Universal Cleaner you are also eliminating the need to use several different cleaners when maintaining your home resulting in savings for both you and the environment. Read more!
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