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President's Message on Sustainable Development

Many people have become increasingly concerned about the long term health effects of petro-chemical based products. This shift is in line with the Great Law of the Iroquois Confederacy which reminds us that

"In every deliberation, we must consider the impact of our decisions on the next seven generations."

At Swish, we also share these concerns and recognize the necessity of offering cleaning products which are less harmful to human health and the overall environment.

Since 1956, when my father, W.I. Ambler, founded Swish, we have prided ourselves in building long-term relationships with our customers that are based on mutual trust and confidence that our products will meet their cleaning needs. Prior to selling environmentally responsible products in the early 1990s, we invested in aquatic toxicity and biodegradability testing and developed a comprehensive database used to select only raw materials that met our criteria which were consistent with OECD-301D, a leading European environmental standard at the time. Today, we sell a wide range of chemical, paper and garbage bag liner products that are EcoLogo or Green Seal certified.

Over the years, we have taken many steps in our "sustainable development" journey with our focus remaining on understanding our customer's problems and developing cleaning processes and solutions that create value and meet their changing requirements. Central to our sustainable development efforts is creating cleaning solutions for improved human health and to that end, we are constantly looking for ways to improve our products and services by integrating sustainable practices into our organizational systems and processes.

This means that we are:

  • Continuously developing and sourcing products to meet customer needs, including a great variety of environmentally responsible products

  • Providing excellent customer service, including assistance to customers in establishing and maintaining green cleaning programs

  • Attracting and retaining human talent whose ingenuity, dedication and teamwork are essential to our overall sustainability and continued success

  • Implementing measures to reduce energy and materials used and to produce less waste in our operational and distribution processes

  • Providing more learning opportunities for our customers and employees because continuous learning and sharing knowledge is critical to adapting to business needs

  • Supporting health, education and environmental initiatives to improve the communities in which we live and do business

By working to make continuous, sustainable improvements at Swish, it is our hope that we can help our customers meet their sustainability goals and contribute to improved community health.

Anthony Ambler

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