3-Roll Revolution´┐Ż Tissue Dispenser

3-Roll Revolution´┐Ż Tissue Dispenser


The Revolution´┐Ż high-capacity dispensing system is designed to minimize maintenance and maximize cost savings for high-traffic areas

Product Details

  • Size: 3 Roll
    14 1/8" x 14 9/16" x 6 5/16"
  • Case Pack:
  • Product Code:803
  • Vendor:Wausau Paper

3-Roll Revolution´┐Ż Tissue Dispenser

  • Translucent cover allows service staff to see at-a-glance when it's time to refill
  • Custom imprinted with the Clean & Green™ logo
  • Ensures that a roll is completely depleted before the dispenser will advance to the next roll, eliminating waste
  • Designed for high-capacity controlled-use dispensing
  • When one roll of tissue is used, simply turn the dial to advance to the next roll
  • Locking cover to prevent product pilferage and waste

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